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Wine dispensing systems


Serving wine with a wine dispensing system is very much on the rise and with good reason! It offers many advantages and a growing selection of wines is available in the Bag-In-Box. Wine does not necessarily have to be served from a bottle when it can also be served from very attractive looking dispensing towers. Did you know that investing in a wine dispensing system could quickly prove to be very interesting for you?


Advantages of a wine dispensing system

1.  Higher returns due to lower purchase prices

2. Easy and quick to use

3. Benefits the environment; less packaging waste (glass, cork) and lower energy consumption

4. Takes up less space in the bar, the cooling system and the storage area

5. A significantly longer shelf life than bottled wine

6. Always the perfect serving temperature

7. No more broken bottles

8. A choice of selected, high-quality wines

9. Less heavy lifting

10. Possibility of cash registration system automatic dispensing of standard units, allowing a higher return